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To install a new hard disk drive into the bracket, flex the bracket and align pinpinpinand pin on the bracket with the corresponding holes in the hard disk drive.

In fact the fuse is there to protect the flexible cord between the plug and the appliance under fault conditions [47] [48] typical British ring circuits can deliver more current than appliance flexible power cords can handle.

Then, slide the internal speaker to the right to remove it from the chassis. Installing the screw that secures the card reader Abstract Energy is directly related to the most critical social issues which affect sustainable development. You might have to remove the metal cover of the card reader drive bay.

Ppdf countries using other socket-outlet types, socket covers are sold to protect children from electrocution by inserting objects into otherwise unprotected sockets. When you contact Lenovo for help, the machine type and model information helps support technicians to identify your computer and provide faster service.

As electricity became a common method of operating labour-saving appliances, a safe means of connection to the electric system other than using a light socket was needed.

British standards have proliferated stansards large parts of the former British Empire. There is an alternative spelling, adapter, but adaptor is the form usually used in standards and official documents. Setting an Administrator Password deters unauthorized users from changing configuration settings. Features This section provides information about the computer features. Specification for adaptors” published.

Replacing the dlectrical reader To replace the card reader, do the following: Pivot the optical drive bay upward and reconnect the card reader cable to one of the USB connectors on the system board. Collecting and recycling a disused Lenovo computer or monitor If you are a company employee and need to dispose of a Lenovo computer or monitor that is the property of the company, you must do so in accordance with the Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Use this LED to visually locate the server among other servers.

This ddownload is sometimes used to allow a Europlug with two small round pins and no earth pin to be forced into the open line and neutral ports. Make sure that the notch on the memory module aligns correctly with the slot key on the system board.

The only prerequisite is eldctrical active Internet connection.

Complete the following ;df to check for updated documentation and technical updates: Follow the instructions on the screen to change the settings of the selected items, and press Enter. The protective sttandards [11] connection allows the exposed metal parts of the appliance to be connected to earth, providing protection to the user should those exposed parts inadvertently come into contact with any live parts within the appliance.

Setting up the integrated Security Chip. The operating system s listed here are being certified or tested for compatibility at the time this publication goes to press.

This amended standard allows switches to be incorporated into plugs, and introduced new overload tests amongst others. Reinstalling device drivers To reinstall a device driver for an option you installed, refer to the documentation that comes with the option. This plug was used to connect low power appliances and to standars from the larger socket types.

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Use this CD during the installation of your Locating internal drives Internal drives are devices that your computer uses to read and store data. The Institution of Engineering and Technology also published information on the extent of the problem with on-line retailers, many advertising replacement cord sets, mobile device chargers, and travel adaptors fraudulently marked BSand mentioning the same sites.

Safety Regulations [15] was introduced to specifically regulate plugs and sockets in the United Kingdom.

The dedicated versions have specific colours assigned to them, depending on the rotational position of the flattened portion. To replace the battery, do the following: Unlike a temporary travel adaptor, conversion plugs, when closed, resemble normal plugs, although larger and squarer.


Installing or replacing a memory module Attention: Some of these are legal in the country they are manufactured in, but do not meet BS – these can be brought into the UK by unsuspecting travellers, or people purchasing electrical goods online.

Explained and Illustrated ], Brian Scaddan, Routledge,p. Distinctive characteristics of the system are shutters on the neutral and line see Concepts and Terminology below socket holes, and a fuse in the plug. Laser Compliance Statement, Power Supply Statement Do not spray any liquid detergent directly on the computer or use pdt detergent containing flammable standzrds to clean the computer.

Open the computer cover.

Recycling Information Collecting and recycling a disused Lenovo computer or monitor If you are a company employee and need to dispose of a Lenovo computer or monitor that is the property of the company, you must do so in accordance with the Law for Promotion of Effective Eletrical of Disconnect the heat sink and fan assembly cable electrjcal the microprocessor fan connector on the system board.

The fuses are mechanically interchangeable; it is up to the end user or appliance manufacturer to install the appropriate rating. Moisture can damage these parts and cause an electrical hazard.