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Providing mentoring and guidance in a supportive atmosphere. A maximum of 24 participants allows for hands-on individual and small-group work, technology use, and direct application to participants’ teaching practices.

Foldables | Phonics | Reading Comprehension

Wizard and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Supporting a wide range of teaching and learning styles that have in common the core belief that learning dinaah to be owned and transformed by the learner to be lasting. Aside from teaching strategies, trainers are immersed in dynamic presentation methodsefficient classroom organization dinah zikes foldables pdf download effective teaching practices across age-grade levels and content areas. Check the current schedule of course offerings to determine those that are applicable to zieks needs.

Ensuring trainees go home with graphic organizers made on-site plus actual lessons and samples. Dinah was awarded the Council for Elementary Science Foldablee Science Advocate Award, an award given to only six individuals in the last 25 years. See a variety of effective strategies for ramping up rigor dinah zikes foldables pdf download relevance as well as reinforcing skills essential for reading, organizing and analyzing.

Dinah Zikes Notebooking Central Notebook Foldables

Additionally she has published a large array of popular resource books and educational materials for her own company, Dinah-Might Adventures, LP, available online as well as in bookstores. She also conducts lively staff development in-service for school districts, student teacher programs, and university continuing education programs.

The Mission Statement of Dinah Zike Academy To train trainers in both classroom organizational and transactional instructional strategies via interactive graphic organizers so that they more dinah zikes foldables pdf download engage students in mastering learning and problem-solving skills for life.

dinah zikes foldables pdf download Dinah Zike Academy programs will accomplish this mission by: Engaging trainers to strengthen and diversify their instructional skills through practical, downloae on-approaches and effective classroom organization.

As a frequent keynote speaker and continuing education consultant, she conducts powerful seminars for over 50, teachers and parents every year nationally and internationally.

Some Institutes are cross-curricular and targeted to either elementary or secondary levels. Research grounding, implementation for a variety of learners, as well as practicality is built in. Past recipients of the award include TV’s Mr.