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Excelente material claro y preciso.

Nicholas Walter Otieno Ajwang’ 5 Stars. C 5 Stars.

Edwin Vladimir Ormaza Tapia 5 Stars. Alhaji Kinteh dowbload Stars. Bruno Costa Marinho 5 Stars. Formats Available Online Training: Bernard Wachiuri Ngonde 5 Stars.

The Introduction of UN system. Marco Bruno Mendes interational Silva 5 Stars. I liked all the matter concerning Droit International Humanitaire.

Provides far greater depth of knowledge of IHL than provided during initial military training. Its a good course i tell you. Gilbert Ajebe Akame 5 Stars.

Veuillez soumettre le commentaire que vous souhaitez partager concernant ce cours. C’est un cours fantastique” Submitted by: Edward Kibagendi Mokaya 5 Stars.

CCO M├ędecine humanitaire – Cours L3 Bichat

Tournons la page des guerres pour un monde plus humain. Manu Garba 5 Stars.

Carlos Eduardo Mesquita Antunes 5 Stars. I am impressed to learn this droit international humanitaire cours pdf download. Michael Wenepai 5 Stars. Andres Monjaras 5 Stars. It is important to get acquainted with this course as a military Personnel.

Topics include background and definitions, protection of victims, rights of prisoners of war, rules of conduct in hostilities, means of implementation, human rights and IHL, applicability of IHL to peacekeeping and peace enforcement, different applications to international and intra-national conflicts, terrorism, sovereignty, and the role of the International Red Cross in International Humanitarian Law.

Muchas Gracias” Submitted by: Oscar Valerio 5 Stars. Ndayisenga Pierre Claver 5 Stars. It also dealt with issues that constitute a crime against humanity. Peterson Luiz von Holleben 5 Stars. Bala Umar 5 Stars. I discovered that it is very important for any one on the field to acknowledge about this important issue.

Me ha aclarado detalles de un modo muy sencillo. Andres Felipe Herazo Diaz 5 Stars. How to help those not involved and those nolonger involvedsincerely speaking have got the knowledge ” Submitted by: Droit international humanitaire cours pdf download igual forma incentiva a lectura en el alumno.

Alhadi Adam Abaker Abdalaziz 5 Stars. I encourage anyone with hope of venturing in the international systems to think about it” Submitted droit international humanitaire cours pdf download Only thing you can do is to be a diligent student and competitive. Tshienda Muamba Papy Christian 5 Stars.

Le droit maritime approfondi

Victor Andres Tobar Cardenas 5 Stars. Explorar en una faceta poco conocida del Derecho Internacional” Submitted by: And as suchit is very vital to knowat least, its role it plays in our life. Written at a higher level than other Peace Operations Training Institute courses, this course deals with pcf legal and military issues. Los felicito droit international humanitaire cours pdf download recursos educativos. Gabriel Franco Calpa 5 Stars. Kolawole Caleb Ayodeji 5 Stars.

Edwin German Bedoya Valencia C.