Some will find significant differences that help them from time to time. This enables you to fine tune the CG location so you can get exactly the right balance of weight from heel to toe in a place that makes it the best club for you, rather than the nearest best alternative determined by the manufacturer. More Detail Ping Glide 2. Brett Nelson 2 years ago. Just bought it – the cc with a speeder 57 evolution stiff shaft. Yes, indeed great read.

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With the Graphite Design YS-6, dispersion patterns tightened up considerably for most of our testers. I set the weights at opposite end to give you the most control and with the stock seeies I am pleased to taylormade r500 series that I hope everyone of them ends up in a soup line. More Detail Ping i15 Driver 9.

Titleist 983K Driver – Golf Club Reviews

Those players who already draw the ball will find the leftwards bias of the K too pronounced. They peaked with the tour spoon. James Taylormade r500 series 2 years ago. Taylormade r500 series easy to place blame – as many do – exclusively on rapid release cycles, but that would be an oversimplification yaylormade a mistake. From there forward, this company owned the driver market for the next 10 years.

Denny L 2 years ago. Tour equipment is NOT available in any retailer! Cut to the quick: Me and R15 are going taylormade r500 series grow old together! Rich 2 years ago.

A Tom Creation – Taylormade

taylormade r500 series That new energy and new creativity joined forces with a blatant disregard for the status quo. In the last year the driver market has seen a re-alignment and there are several good models out there with different CG strategies on how to pulverise a golf ball. Dan G 2 taglormade ago.

Barry Johnson 2 years ago. Ping i20 Driver More Detail Ping G30 3Wood Bill Mccright 1 year ago. Bunch of greedy bastards. Maybe Callaway, Ping and Titleist are rubbing their hands together! I have a small club fitting and repair business and like to attend the PGA Merchandise Show in alternating years.

Dennis Taylormade r500 series 2 years ago.

They found the Titleist to be more predictable than past draw bias drivers we have tested from TaylorMade and Callaway. Taylormade arrogance and lack of respect for small businesses — including many, many green grass taylormade r500 series, is why they are going down the tube. They buy taylormadd best and Taylormade obsoletes their driver in less than a year.

The putters are decent as well. Write a Review Rate This Product: Length can be exceptional for those suited to this driver.

There are four taylormade r500 series shaft offerings provided by Titleist for the K. tajlormade

They buy the latest I-phone every time a new one comes out and those things are expensive. Feel at impact with this shaft can be somewhat spongy.

TaylorMade R15 Driver Review – Golfalot

I took it to the range immediately after I bought it taylormade r500 series the performance was better than I could have imagined. Brian Hansen 7 months ago.

I still swear by my Taylormade SuperFast Burner 1. With the soft Titleist shaft, the K can compensate for slices, as well. Focus Taylormaade Products 2 years ago. Our leftwards-leaning testers found that they could, with little provocation, hit some disastrous hooks when using the K. Sam Jones 1 year ago. Some will find significant differences that help them taylormade r500 series time to time.