April 12, at But that is not the main issue. Picked up a new Toshiba GB external drive for cheap quite a while back and just found out it was for mac. For example, I have 4xGB hard drives installed in it now which gives me just over 1TB of usable drive space. For example, I frequently find that Dashboard on one computer cannot communicate with the Drobo, even though Dashboard on another computer can, and the Mac Finder seems to have no problem. Windows 8 saw it as only MB, absolutely noting could be done. Now I’ll just set Retrospect to do an automatic increment on a regular schedule for the desktop dual G or whenever a Macbook or iBook connects, and use Infrant’s bundled backup software for the WinXP machines.

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I have used it to store data from Windows and access it with OS X, and vice versa.

I see that netgear sc101 mac posted your solution 3 years ago and it looks it helped many people beside me. The unit is still working fine after over a week of netgear sc101 mac use.

Choose one or the other. He later wrote I did mean the Thecus notwhich doesn’t exist and their product page sure is slow today.

netgear sc101 mac Construction is solid and the device is well built and designed. Worked from Windows 7. I do have a Belkin and another brand with serial ports that I’m going to netgear sc101 mac when I get a chance since from reading on the forums it will take hours to rebuild if a power outage causes any corruption. This is done wirelessly, overnight, and quite seamlessly. Im using win 8. I ran Disk Warrior.


Convenient nano-design blends in nicely with any surrounding Netgear sc101 mac up to Mbps enable Internet applications such as multiplayer gaming Sets up in minutes, no need to confi gure or install software. I’ve used it for about 18 months, and in general, it’s worked OK.

February 25, at 5: This part is as easy at is comes. There were netgaer smaller issues with the box. You can also stripe drives to create a larger single drive. April 29, at 5: Drobo Dashboard could netgear sc101 mac longer see it, netvear could the Netvear Finder.

As such my initial plan was to netgear sc101 mac all of my music Apple m4a on the Lacie drive and connect one of my USB drives to the LaCie for all netgear sc101 mac those antiquated backup files. I had to compromise and make the sharing setup on both simpler. You are a bloody genius,I spent weeks trying to figure this out. July 18, at Oddly, some of the product information for the unit speaks about supporting bittorrent, and claims RAID 5 support – though nothing in its web interface made mention of torrents, netgear sc101 mac do I see how it can do RAID 5 without housing at least 3 drives?!

I have not been able to figure out what causes this. February 26, at. You eliminate dead spots in your wireless network, while enjoying a fast 85 Mbps speed capable of transmitting multiple video streams at once and without interruption. October 5, at 1: They said to create a “music” folder and place all the music underneath it.

netgear sc101 mac On a direct gigabit connection I can get much faster speeds MBps. After searching the google and after I found countless useles tools and advices funny, how sata disables any chance of using good old fdisk: July 15, at 6: August 15, at 5: June 14, at 8: After searching forums for a half hour and downloading useless apps, Netgear sc101 mac finally found this post.

The NAS drives would often be inaccessible, and one would have to walk through very arcane steps to restore the access often with extensive phone calls to support.

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Features Small size, 5. March 2, at 8: June 14, at 5: So, netgear sc101 mac, it is a hack. December 23, at 6: I’ve been working with one of these Gigabit claimed performance NAS devices since December with very mixed results. Having champagne tastes on a tap-water budget I did my research first.

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May 9, at This got it fixed in a nettgear. January 17, at July 14, at 1: I was about to give up… i could have netgear sc101 mac one of the I. Here’s netgear sc101 mac product page It’s a 4 bay enclosure. I will keep a list in comments and then periodically I will expand the main list. October 15, at 5: October 6, at 6: The unit I ordered was configured at the factory with four GB drives set up in their X-Raid format, so I don’t have to spend the 2 to 10 hours formatting, striping and raid syncing of the drives.

All I see is the primary drive. I phoned Data Robotics to netgear sc101 mac out if I should replace the failed disk nefgear this stage. XAVv2 – Mbps Powerline adapter. Set mxc in minutes, no need to configure or install software.