Came across this post today after finding out that my computer powers on but get no response from monitor, keyboard, or mouse, no beeping sound either. PS and CPU fans both work, I unplugged Harddrive and DVD Drive, when I first press the power button the keyboard lights flash and then stop, I get no light on my mouse, the monitor does absolutely nothing, my power light on the tower is messed up since I installed the motherboard over a year ago not too worried they are only lights Normally under these circumstances we send them for repair. I went to log off and it died. Out of curiousity I google “no signal screen message. I have the same problem as discussed in the previous posts. There is not a 4 pin hook up from the power supply to the MB.

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But, the decorative words “Aspire” at the bottom of the tower still msi 945gcm478 up. I reassembled my pc, and it runs fine but send nothing to my monitor. Hey akshay thanks a lot man. I’ll do that but nothing then once your about to give up on turning on the computer one 945gcm47 try msi 945gcm478 will eventually turn on but takes a while to boot up.

I was laughing msi 945gcm478 the eraser on memory idea when you mentioned it, but then I saw others fixing their 945tcm478 problems with it.

Is there any way I can determine if it is msi 945gcm478 the MB, or did a wire come loose during shipping?

I pulled the old drive’s connections completely although it’s still in the system atmand guess what?


Agk – Apr 18, msi 945gcm478 I removed the modem which I have no use for and you said could be the source of this issue and also removed the ram and ran an eraser off a 2 pencil across all the gold pins. No usual beep, nothing. If it does, I should replace the memory cards and then remove the video card and try again. I msi 945gcm478 the ram and startup still same results no beep of any kind.

There is a 6 pin hookup to directly to the video card from the power supply, but that it. msi 945gcm478

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Take your windows CD and reinstall everything, remember to format the hard disk completely. I am a press the button and msi 945gcm478 pc powers up and works perfectly kind of gal, so I’m certainly not one to go digging around inside of my pc. You would usually get a over run error though.

For this, you will need to send the motherboard msi 945gcm478 ASUS where they msi 945gcm478 change the socket. Hello, I’ve had my desktop computer for about one year now.

I opened up the tower and everything seemed fine, fan spinning, dvd drive open 9455gcm478 closed but nothing else worked i. Realised that my computer msi 945gcm478 not work I tried the answer’s advice to find out which are faulty My board has just pins, no jumpers at all.

DM – Mar 20, at Email Id removed for security thxs in advance. Msi 945gcm478 does FL stand for? You should have 12 volts while checking with mis voltmeter.

I cleaned the video 945gfm478 msi 945gcm478 and reinstalled Nvidia drivers again it didn’t help. But it is cheaper then what I payed for the computer cpu though. Re-connect your Hard Disk by connecting back the cables and power on the PC.

Put them back in and no monitor msi 945gcm478, just the test screen that says it 945gcm4778 working properly. If everything seems to be going, what is stopping it from msi 945gcm478 up? Msi 945gcm478 testing the volt output on the adaptor pin which connects into the laptop with the help of a voltmeter. I am handicapped msi 945gcm478 unable to afford a new computer so I am really hoping this one is not heading to the junk heap Nik – Mar 19, at I know nothing about motherboards and I fix my CPU by myself following your advice with the 945gccm478 I’ve replaced power supply, mobo, and processor.

I have the same problem as discussed in the previous posts. When you msi 945gcm478 the fan,you’ll find your Msi 945gcm478 working just the way it was before Yes, in fact you’ll need the eraser to remove the static energy found on your 945gcm48 card. All of the fans seem to go, except for one. I’m having msi 945gcm478 same issue as the 945tcm478 person, I have nowhere to plug in the 4-pin black and yellow wires into the motherboard.

If it does not charge then either the battery is faulty or there is a problem with the motherboard.