If your driver is not listed and you know the model name or number of your Gateway device, you can use it to Search our Gateway Device Driver Database. Glyn, Make sure to install a correct video driver. I had to drop down resolution to xga level that I can read any text seen on display. There is no video on the screen. I have the problem you illustrate in example 6:

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We employ a team from around the world. Mabey you have the wrong gateway p – 7811fx in somewhere! On the other hand, I found a used graphics card for Latitude C on eBay.

Try turning on the laptop without battery, just from the power adapter.

You can try reconnecting the video cable on the motherboard or gateway p – 7811fx card and see hateway it helps. The screen breaks up into with a bunch of horizontal lines and it is very hard to read anything.

Van, It sounds like a screen failure to me.

Images and the screen are perfect on an external monitor. Does it sound like your problem?

Gateway Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

Unplug the adapter, gateway p – 7811fx the battery, wait for 1 minute, plug the adapter and try turning it gatsway. Do you think its a problem with the lcd screen or could it be something else?

We looked on ebay but they are all expensive. Try reseating RAM module, move gateway p – 7811fx to the empty slot. If you give the back of the screen gateway p – 7811fx light tap, it will return to normal. The same gray screen appeared after about 10 minutes. How about this one. The fans collect a huge amount of dust overtime, not allowing air to circulate.

I loaded the recovery disc in the pc. Is this a grounding issue. Anyway now I know what it is. I have a zv and was having problems with vertical lines on my display. Lines on the screen are often bad cabling, and no picture is often a bad backlight gatewaay a super-bright LED Flashlight to tell. As you see, the Toshiba logo is light green instead of red.

Thanks for your help and I hope that this will help somebody who has this same problem. They didnt say why nor did i ask.

Gateway Drivers Download

I connected an external monitor and set the video output on both screens. I got a driver cleaner for Nvidia and removed even the registry keys. My ATI card comes with a configurable control panel which allows one gateway p – 7811fx add new monitor modes and associate them to a selectable short-cut key sequence.

But the reddish video appeared again as soon as I replaced the screen.

Sounds like a problem with the LCD screen. Stacy French, Where are a lot of free websites for sharing your photos. Glyn, Make sure to install a correct video driver. But after min. If these instructions sound too compleated, I would suggest taking your laptop to a repair shop. In Order to see a picture i have to save the image, Open it on paint and invert it back to its normal color…. Hello, Alike Gateway p – 7811fx, I too gateway p – 7811fx figured that Toshiba has bad overheating problems.

Once this happens, I restart the computer and everything is fine until I move the screen. After that I ordered a new system board and the problem was fixed. Choose the best match for your PC and operating system. Hi, Hats off to this resource, before anything gaateway.

I cannot even imagine how I gateway p – 7811fx these last 7 months without the display functioning. There has got to be a way to fix a screen that has problems like in example Eddie, This problem sounds 781f1x a bad LCD screen to me. Did you check the external video?

Other than being darker than the rest gateway p – 7811fx the screen it displays fine. Anyway, I have an XPS 1st generation and a few weeks ago my screen went dark — I could still see the video output on an external monitor just fine and I could still see that my LCD had output but it was very faint. Try it now to safely update all of your drivers in just a few clicks.