When setting out-of-scope values at silent installation, an error is not generated, but it is displayed as blank. This printer supports RFID. Lock parameter is send with IP0 command also when unlock is selected. Buying for the Government? Unicode contents are now correctly handled in bar codes that support multiple code pages. Printer driver has field Number of copies which works when printing from third party applications that do not support number of copies. Added Operation mode for:

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This printer supports RFID. Thermal transfer Barcode printer dpi4. Buying for the Government?

Operation mode combo has the same width as Backfeed mode to fit the length of all values. Fixed issue with batch cut commands appearing after each sato gl412e in job if not using NiceLabel.

SATO printer drivers

Fixed issue with unprintable area on sato gl412e made by version 5 drivers being positrionned on the wrong side. You can simply remove the item from sato gl412e cart. This part is also known as the Pitch Sensor Sub.

sato gl412e Lesprit printer models support now Media form option. Our Company About Barcodes, Inc. Fixed issue with MicroPDF not being printed when version is set to automatic mode.

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When using multiple labels in a row the barcode HR is missing on second row of labels. Fixed issue with Sato gl412e Substitution being enabled by default sato gl412e be disabled. Graphics are now cut only if they are over the size supported by printer.

Sato gl412e exporting label using XML export, label name is sato gl412e same now in export file and recall file. This includes also selection for “Send this parameter to printer”.

Fixed issue with data being sent to printer when the printer is in error state.

This is true now. Ships in Days. All printer models with Operation mode option, support Backfeed offset sato gl412e Pitch offset. Easy to use without the need for any specialized tools. An emergency maintenance product to correct poor print sato gl412e. FNC1 in Datamatrix barcode is supported. When for Operating mode “Dispenser” is selected there are just two Backfeed mode options Sato gl412e backfeed option has been removed.

Swipe the cleaning pen across the entire print head surface to remove dirt, ink, tape and adhesive residue and other contaminants. Also available as a single roll Part 12SR. Sato gl412e Free in Days. Why don’t we show the price? These strings are updated now. Merge from v5 to v7 driver is now working OK also for cutter parameters. Support for old USB port type was removed from Port monitor.

Barcode Printer,Label Printer, 條碼列印, 標籤列印, 等條碼列印產品

gl4122e Also GZ6 printers support Media type option now. Designed to safely and effectively to remove all dirt, ink, tape and adhesive residue and other contaminants from the thermal print head, paper guides and paper pathways. When Reseting settings to default values, “Apply” button will be enabled. Improved appearance of bitmap fonts sizes 16, 22, 24, 32,and 40 on screen to better represent printed results. Extend the life of the print head. There are also just two languages supported Japanese and English like for all other Japanese models.

Fixed issue with some windows sato gl412e showing negative sato gl412e numbers in print dialog. Driver automatically detects correct mode. Linerless operation mode sends two PO commands sato gl412e.

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