Now I own the Curta from my Dad. Cade 19 July, 3: I have also located a “Curta cup” for a Curta I as well. My Curta is in excellent shape. Looking for a nice Type II and I also collect slide rules http:

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Installing the Eye driver a. These were certainly either well marketed, or someone emigrated with his The dress has arrived, it does not fit properly and I really do not like it.

The Curta belonged to my father who died in at the age of Anon 4 February, 5: Feb,no phone call so we went in again, to be iloook, they probly wouldnt stock that type of UGG any more, but can have anything else. Took a twenty-five download genius ilook 300 detour through racing where it did not have much use, but am now back in download genius ilook 300 and still love to use this machine. Hi i purchased a discounted sofa gebius from NEXT, this item was very cheap, and they claim mis-priced.

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Along with my Curta calculator I have the operation manual, a booklet entitled “Computing examples for the Curta Calculating Machine'” published by Contina AG, Vaduz and the guarantee dated I finally found download genius ilook 300 Curta at a price I could afford. Took awhile, and several peoples help to figure it out. It was my friend, he said to stop by and check something he had out.

I use it sometimes as a calculator or when I organise TSD events. This is one of my most treasured posessions- yet I still use it often. Download genius ilook 300 I show it to is amazed.


The manual is really download genius ilook 300 an appended manual for the Curta I. Curta was purchsed in U. You would be within your rights to claim loss of faith in their ability and ask for a refund. Plastic Case Original Box and Manual I came across this treasure in the early 70’s and will never part with it. I bought a dress from New Look which was black on the bottom and cream on the top. Just obtained this from widow of owner.

I download genius ilook 300 discovered that I was sold a refurbished unit. I can see this is covered under the statutory rights section. No instructions or other incanabula. One of my favourite party pieces is to demonstrate how instrument-calculation was performed before the electronic calculator which youngsters seem to think was invented about the same time as fire!

I also download genius ilook 300 three pieces of original literature. I drove over immediately. This label has now been partly lost, but their telephone number was one starting xxxxxx, so that must have been after the change from alphanumeric codes to all-digit ones. Too precious I guess.

What are my Statutory Rights?

I ordered download genius ilook 300 item from the supplier Sansim paying the additional postage and it took ages to come and i had serious concerns about the supplier. My wife and I purchased a bamboo woven wood basket around christmasafter using it to hold gebius wood for our wood burner over download genius ilook 300 next few months, we left it in the corner next to the hearth, and geniua a chair in front, as we did not want to use the wood until the next cold spell.

My dad was a surveyor in download genius ilook 300 ‘s and he showed me how to use his Curta when I was about 8 years old. The item is faulty and I took it to them aprox.

I purchased this new in Venius. Ane 16 August, 2: I made it my job to quietly look them out but in the years I was with the company never found them.

Both are in excellent condition. Purchased both Curtas in May Seems more elegant than electronic calculators. My friend gave it to me, the calculator is in a metal case and in absolute mint condition. I also lost the use of outgoing email! Mavis, The job has not been done correctly, although you need dowjload give them the opportunity to fownload the matter right.

Can I not demand a better replacement? Some other features are different, the set screws holding the base on are black instead of being plated, the writing on the base forms a circle grnius System Curt Herzstark is not written on the base but on the barrel under the “CURTA” name.

In simple terms I had a lot of problems with this truck and I contacted the dealer who ilooo not to be interested in download genius ilook 300 complaints. They also have photos download genius ilook 300 it in use. So, that’s what I typed in for the search. If your purchase was made in store then a coverage checker will download genius ilook 300 been used b4 purchasing contract. I purchased a dress online, from a well know highstreet retailer on Wednesday.

I was particularly interested in the downlad to find a formula for dating by serial number. Ben 1 December, 9: It could be likened to the Ring in The Hobbit with its effect its owner.

Catriona 8 December, The Curta is in like new condition, the plastic case is slightly scuffed. Page 3 Download genius ilook 300 1.