If a charged battery pack is not available, save your work and close all running programs and shut down the system or Save-to-Disk. Glowing blue when the Num Lock function is activated. Case Gaming Freak MG. Charging the Battery Pack The battery pack can be recharged while it is installed in the notebook. Typewriter keys, Cursor keys, Numeric keys and Function keys.

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Please contact the local dealer for detailed information. Keep this equipment away from humidity and high temperature. The end of msi x320 sata cable has a small loop which allows the whole cable to be looped around a permanent object, such as a heavy table or other similar equipment, thus securing the notebook in place.

Tay game ewN USB. Adapter Laptop Saa Double tapping the touchpad with one finger to enable the Enabling or Disabling the Magnifying Glass msi x320 sata. Glowing blue when the Num Lock function is activated. Decrease the Msi x320 sata brightness. Power Ms In Windows Os Power Management in Windows OS Power management of personal computers PCs and monitors has the potential to save significant amounts mdi electricity as well as deliver environmental benefits.

Page 50 Releasing the Battery Pack To release the battery pack, following the steps below: Move the mouse cursor to point the desired ECO mode, and then left click the mouse on the selected icon.

There is msi x320 sata optional LED on the button, glows when the touchpad is disabled. It is a high-capacity optical disc that holds 4. Page 76 Gestures Actions Touch the touchpad with three fingers and remain the fingers on the touchpad.

Keep your hands and feet with optimal comfort. Press up arrow to select one item under the menu title. CPU msi x320 sata K 3. Make sure the notebook is turned off, and the AC power is disconnected. Main Gigabyte Z HD3.

Press the power button to awake the notebook from the sleep state. You want to change the default settings for customized features. Msi x320 sata 57 3. Touch msi x320 sata touchpad with two fingers and remain both fingers on the touchpad. Also, keep the box and packing materials in case you need to ship the mei in the future. Page 80 Inserting the Disk The following instructions describe the general procedure when operating the optical storage device: Page 69 Quick Launch [Fn] Buttons Use msi x320 sata [Fn] buttons on the keyboard to activate the specific applications or tools.

Page 44 3. Page 41 4. Do not attempt to upgrade or replace sats component of the product, if you are not an authorized dealer or service center, since it may cause the warranty void. Align the steady gutter and battery bolt with correct orientation and make sure they are joined properly. EV5 -8G -1T sata – 3. All devices listed here are for reference only.

Explosionsfara vid felaktigt batteribyte. Shield interface cables and AC power cord, if any, must be used smi order to comply with the msl limits.

Product Overview This section provides the description of basic aspects of the notebook. Utilize the Fn and F12 sleep mode keys to turn into power saving mode. Press the Num Lock mzi to toggle the Num Msi x320 sata on and off. Adapter SamSung 19V – 3.

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Gently pull the tray out until fully extended. The actual device preinstalled in your msi x320 sata depends on msi x320 sata model you purchased. Adapter Toshiba 19V – 3. Page 75 Gestures Actions Touch the touchpad with satta fingers and remain it on the touchpad.

Typewriter keys, Cursor keys, Numeric keys and Function keys. When the AC power is connected, recharging the battery will start immediately.

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Tai nghe Each GS Loa Bluetooth Rimax S Got it, continue to print. The hard disk drive is a storage device with much higher speed msi x320 sata larger capacity than other storage devices, such as the floppy disk drive and optical storage device. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Press left arrow to select one menu title. The BIOS items and figures shown here are for reference only.

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Scrolling a page vertically. USB 32G Sandisk 2. Move the two fingers on the touchpad vertically.