The most common solution offered was to return the drive to the manufacturer for replacement. Can anybody help me with this problem. But i better have back a formatted disk than buy a new one. Siddharth, solution is working like a charm. Not able to format in NTFS.

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I found another tool on nexxtech wireless mouse Transcender website. So I want to give a big handshake to ardamis and to Deepak, thanks a lot for your help. An 8gb drive could have 2 x 4gb chips, or 4 x 2gb chips, nexxtech wireless mouse may be technically different enough that a formatter for one will not work with another, mous.

Hope this could help you guys.

AFter that the pen drive goes back to its 0 KB state. I nexxtech wireless mouse a same problem with kingston 8 GB pen drive. However what did work was a method someone posted.

After forgetting my password and automatically locked it and reformatting it and nextech the ERASE button a message appears stating that an error occur.

The problems Clicking the drive letter in Windows Explorer returns the following error message: I know nexxtech wireless mouse is no way to directly reply to a certain comment but I hope all of you will tyr to help me out.

Feel free to add additional information in the comments, if you discover anything new or find any errors. Your drive should show up here. Hope nexxtech wireless mouse would be useful for you.

Fixed: USB drive unusable, unformattable, and reporting 0 bytes capacity

But properties show 0 bytes. I had this same issue where device manager knew it was plugged in, but nothing was wirelsss nexxtech wireless mouse under disk management. Worked for me when I was already thinking I screwed up my usb pen. You will see a text block saying version number.

Thanks to ultimate solution. The utility pretty much told me I was hosed; too many bad blocks. Idk how but the flash drive became corrupted abruptly and I tried putting it in my PC muse see what the problem was. nexxtech wireless mouse

Eventually, it fired up and checked the C drive, then it fired up again and checked the F drive. Just so you know, I nexxtech wireless mouse tested this on a Mmouse 8 Gb drive that had the exact same problems you described. It works fine until the finish wizard appears.

Go to power setting and disbale usb suspending and the drive started showing in file explorer. Well, thanks you anyways. Nexxtechh serial number was odd, and I had to try it a few nexxech to get the digits it wanted me to input in my case the last 2 numbers were not used.

Then I nexxtech wireless mouse an idea. This worked and now my windows 7 recognized it. Can any one help me out?

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Not able to format in NTFS. This article is advanced troubleshooting for a rare condition wherein a flash drive stops getting recognized on a Nexxtech wireless mouse computer, but is still working on other computers.

Finally the software which worked was nexxtech wireless mouse tiny executable http: Here nexxtech wireless mouse the Megaupload file for those who cannot download from that link: Guys try to google this application….

Windows 7, 8 and Vista: I bought brand new Transcend 32 Gb pen drive and tried to fromat it for first use. My thumb drive was Disk 4 with my other four drives before it.

Actually there is an SDFormatted v 4. It is for an example. I gave my final try in windows safe mode i use win xp sp3 and hp usb tool recognized it and show 4 gb wow!!! I have tried the Online Recovery tool for Transcend pen drives and it does not work as well.

Click the Start button, type regedit in the search box, and then press Enter.

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I was still in Disk Management by the way. Just as I was running out of options, I opened the autorun. I have nexxtech wireless mouse many softwares to format the 0 byte usb drive but my pen drive is not working.