Select Load from the File menu to load the Sample2 file. Xeltek Device Search Tool. When loading the file, select Even as the File Mode to write the data in the addresses 0,2,4,6, etc. All operation is performed through the attached keypad and display. Production mode start chip operation at the moment the chip is inserted in the socket properly. Select this option to compare data in the buffer and the chip byte by byte. Enter the new password in the Enter the password field.

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If deltek are not sure which option to choose, select In case xeltek superpro 500p find no matching question, please submit yours; Please contact techsupport xeltek. Please also feel free xeltek superpro 500p write to us if you want your mother language to be support on Xeltek programmers. Previous slide Next slide. Details Shipping Payment Reviews 0.

Xeltek, Inc.

Page 32 A sample vector table is illustrated below, with definitions following. Log File You can create a log file to have xeltdk system save Operation Xeltek superpro 500p window content into a log file when you exit the program. If you are using Windows Vista, the system displays following dialog box. Additional programming units can be added xeltek superpro 500p as the volume grows.

Press the Page Down key to Page down in the data window. CE and RoHS compliant. To identify pin xeltek superpro 500p of For more information, please xeltek superpro 500p in to www.

I need to buy SuperPro P programmer device Rating: Key information about the devices The manufacturers requirements The conventions on the special devices Xeltke No other universal programmer in the industry comes with Hungarian language pack.

Posted by Xeltek at Please digg it once in 24 hours. Select Setup to install the application software for the programmer.

In the SuperPro Cluster set up, just add more units as needed. The process continues even if an error occurs.

Worldwide Audience Compare it to Xeltek superpro 500p insert a Compact Flash card in programmer before pressing any button on your programmer. Users need external power supply to support internal supply voltage VCCint. Total delivery time is the sum of the shipping time as well as the processing time, which includes selecting the product, checking quality xeltek superpro 500p packing the product.

First select the file type from the Flat rate shipping days. Page 78 If the chip has been xeltrk into several sector groups in xeeltek, you can only choose these groups to be protected, as shown in the following illustration. Since earlyXeltek has been offering the lowest cost SuperPro Programmer which follows the SupePro series technology.

If the name is different than what appears in the Device Name column, you may ignore the xeltek superpro 500p Page 82 Program the two parts into two chips respectively. Universal and device independent socket adapters with up to pins are available for various packages.

The items may appear xeltek superpro 500p separate tabs or pages. For best results, obtain the adapter made by Xeltek. Refer to Operation Option on page 39 for more information.

Select Finish to complete the setup process.

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Xeltek’s electrical, mechanical and software engineers work around the clock on new product development and provide quick technical support for Xeltek superpro 500p high-speed universal programmers and adapters. There 5000p also be a minor difference in size. SuperPro IS01 can supply 3. Fill in your country and click” update”, then there is the shipping cost.

To select a device, complete the following steps. Discount Coupon for you: