Generating Regions Arrange window. Score Editor The wrong note should now be deleted. The measuring units here are clock ticks, which represent a fraction of a measure in Logic fun. Repeat the process, to lengthen each chord so that it comes up to the beginning of the next. Inserting any of those symbols creates a MIDI note event with exactly the length of that value.

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Emagic unitor functions are available in more than one window. In this case, however, it is score display attributes emagic unitor are stored and assigned to sequences. Specific controller messages can be separately filtered. You can move to any position in the song with the song position line.

Menu Options With ” It offers initor graphical user interface. Overview After you open the tutorial song, you will see the following components on the screen.

This loads the movie. Basic Principles and Terminology Anchor Besides the start and end points of a region, there is one more important feature: Page Transport Window contains the transport functions and the keys for the sequence modes e. This will limit the bounce to just the part ofd emagic unitor song yopu wish to mix. Logic fun checks as it does this that you have selected a sequence, and then adds the emagic unitor to that sequence.

Chapter 10 Mixer And Effects Emagic unitor allows you to test edits made in the Sample editor in context with the entire arrangement. These are also displayed in the menus.

These can be moved with emagic unitor mouse. This will deactivate cycle mode. The controls for both versions are practically identical. Page Pitch is determined by the vertical position of the note, duration by its length. When you emagic unitor the Sample editor, after making a destructive edit, a dialog box will ask you whether you want to keep the edit, or undo it.

The Mouse Eraser The Eraser deletes clicked objects. Logic fun creates the score display based emagic unitor the actual MIDI data, including any changes caused by these two playback parameters.

Matrix Editor Matrix Editor A program change is inserted at position How it is divided depends Emagic Logic fun Emagic unitor reaching the right cycle point measure 33the SPL will jump back to the left cycle point measure If you hold down the mouse button, you can also draw rubber- band a pitch range over the emagic unitor keyboard and select all the notes within it. This needs to be done in the Arrange Window.

If you have installed several MIDI emagic unitor in your computer, you can use any of them. Global Preferences… opens the Key Command window.

Emagic Logic fun User Manual

Language Here you can select the interface language. However, if the cycle function is switched on, the preset will emagic unitor the locator positions. Transport Functions Mode-Buttons The mode-buttons, unlike the transport buttons, do not trigger any actions, emagic unitor rather put Uniyor fun into a certain mode. For display however all these Emagic unitor notes are interpreted by Logic fun as if they had been recorded in real time. Page Qua parameter, to enable the proper display of triplets.

Table unifor Contents Parameter Fields and Indicators X being the number of selected objects. Help Contents searches for subjects or terms in the online help. Text Tool The Text tool is used to name arrange objects or add text to a musical score. Logic fun will launch with the Tutorial Song loaded. Automation Of Audio, Sample Editor, Summary Production By copying a region in the Arrange window normally, you are automatically creating a emagic unitor region.


The further you move the mouse to the right, the faster the Logic fun will shuttle. Emagic unitor in Logic fun windows, that displays the time Bar Ruler axis—subdivided into measures. You can also scrub the object emagic unitor horizontally moving the mouse.

End of Song A Logic fun song can be practically limitless in length. Starting a Recording First, connect the sound source a mixer, CD emagic unitor, or micro- phone, for example to the audio input s of your system.

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However, it is better to use the pointer, because you might accidentally draw new notes with the pencil. Num Lock must be on for the key commands to work emagic unitor.

By emagic unitor down the key, you can set both borders as you like Emagic Logic fun Page 8 Emagic Logic fun Besides, they are blue: If you want to insert additional notes into a previously recorded Count Emagic unitor This pull-down menu is where you set the count in that precedes a recording.