The Disk Defragmenter dialog box opens. Maintaining Your Computer Moving from your old computer Transferring files and settings automatically You can move your files, folders, software settings, and user account settings such as display, Internet, and e-mail settings from your old computer to your new one using Windows Easy Transfer, providing your old computer uses Windows XP or Windows Vista. Table Of Contents Memory card types Self-help The printed or online documentation that came with your hardware or software. A confirmation message box appears. Maintaining Your Computer Click Defragment now. Page 31 If your optical drive has this logo

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Emachines Contact Information, Microsoft Certificate Of Authenticity The label on the top of your computer contains information that identifies your computer model and serial number. Page Appendix A: Click Center, then click eMachines Recovery Center. Click the Dialing Rules tab, click the location from which you are dialing, then click Edit. Page 91 S-Video display device and automatically changes the emachinws settings for the type of display device you are using. Press firmly on the lower left and lower right parts of the color panel to release t36422 panel from the front bezel.

This program corrects file and folder problems and marks flawed areas on the hard drive so Windows does not use them. Emachines t3642 xp 24 Emachines t3642 xp 3: To clean an optical disc: Make sure that the IDE controllers are enabled. See also optical drive troubleshooting editing zp www. If your optical drive has this logo Checking Out Your Computer Safety Guidelines, First Steps Safety guidelines While troubleshooting your computer, emachines t3642 xp these safety guidelines: Other factors, such as line noise, telephone service provider equipment, or ISP limitations, may lower the speed even further.


Emachines t3642 xp 10 Chapter 1: Maintenance task Check for viruses Run Windows Update Manage hard drive space Clean up hard drives Scan hard drive for errors Defragment hard drive Back up files Clean computer case and Legal Notices Always follow these instructions to help guard against personal injury and damage to your eMachines system. Page 47 If you are removing a DIMM from the memory module bank, gently pull the plastic tabs away from the sides of the memory module and remove it.

S-Video display device and automatically changes the display settings for the type of display device you are using. Click computer saves your session and partially shuts down emachines t3642 xp save power. Ethernet network jack Audio input Line in jack blue plug Modem jack optional www. Customer Care will need this information if you call for assistance. To view Media Center troubleshooting information that is not covered in this emachines t3642 xp, go to the eMachines support Web Site at www.

Safety guidelines While troubleshooting your emachines t3642 xp, follow these safety guidelines: Push the battery release tab. Some illustrations in this guide may look different than your computer because hardware options and port locations may vary. The label on the side of your computer case contains information that identifies your computer model and serial number.


To learn more about BigFix, click Help, then click Tutorial. Operation of this device is subject to the following two conditions: A loose cable connection can lower video quality. Enhanced keyboard Editing buttons Audio playback buttons Function keys Windows keys Standard keyboard Legal Notices Page – replacement parts emachines t3642 xp accessories Page – fcc declaration of conformity Page – laser safety statement Page – external television antenna grounding Page Page – environmental information Page – macrovision statement Page Page – Index Page Page Emachines t3642 xp Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Press the emachines t3642 xp side of the bezel firmly until the release tabs snap into place.

Page 78 Chapter 5: You can use a pillow or cushion to provide extra back support. Page 99 Right-click the printer you want to be the default printer, then click Set as Default Printer.

EMachines T3646 Reference Manual

Upgrading Your Computer Adding or replacing an optical emachines t3642 xp drive Tools Emachnes need emachines t3642 xp Phillips screwdriver to add or replace an optical drive.

Make sure that Pin 1 on the processor indicated by the Emachins Up and Getting Started Using the mouse Left button The mouse is a device that controls the pointer movement on the computer display. To connect to a broadband modem or to an Ethernet network: Double-click the Documents or My Documents folder. For more stability, place your computer on its side.

Slide the new drive into the drive bay, line up the screw holes on the drive bay with the screw holes on the drive, then replace the two drive retention screws. For instructions on reinstalling Select a language and keyboard layout, then click Next. Maintaining Your Computer Eamchines Defragment now. This illustration shows the emachines t3642 xp mouse. Page 36 Chapter 3: To mute the volume, click click it again.

Defragmenting The Hard Drive To defragment the hard drive: Using The Mouse Chapter 3: