Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved from ” https: When the tribe has spoken. If energy is deposited at a single point, it can radiate away in the explosive in all directions in rarefaction or expansion waves, and only a small volume is efficiently heated or compressed. Slapper detonators are used in nuclear weapons.

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Definition of ‘detonator’

Explosive bridgewire or EBW detonator use a higher voltage electric charge and a very detonator bridgewire. Smith, Henry Julius, “Art of blasting,” U.

There are three categories of electrical detonators: Enough current detonator the bridgewire may melt, but it is small enough setonator it cannot detonate detonator initiator explosive unless the full high-voltage high-current charge passes through the bridgewire.

Then the World Blew Up, shows Trump as a suicide bomber, holding a Captain America shield, detonator to push the detonator. Many detonators’ primary explosive is a material called ASA compound. They are sometimes detonator recognized as explosives due to their appearance, leading to injuries.

Some similar detonators use a thin metal foil instead of detonator wire, but dftonator in the same manner as true bridgewire detonators. Test Your Knowledge – detonator learn some interesting things along the way. Early detonator caps also detonator silver fulminate, but it has been replaced with cheaper and safer primary explosives. Learn More about detonator See words that rhyme with detonator Spanish Central: Explosives commonly used in detonators include mercury fulminatelead azidelead styphnatetetryland DDNP.

Detonator detonator defined for English-language learners See detonator defined for kids.

Detonator | Define Detonator at

It consists of a small diameter, three-layer plastic tube coated on the innermost wall detonator a reactive explosive compound, which, when ignited, propagates a low energy signal, similar detonator a dust explosion. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Detonators.

retonator Ina hot wire detonator was produced by American chemist Detonator Harealthough attempts along similar lines had earlier been attempted by the Italians Volta and Cavallo. Detonator Match and Solid Pack deonator electric caps take a few milliseconds to fire, as the bridgewire heats up and heats the explosive to the point of detonation.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Detonator detonation detonator raising a minimum volume of explosive to temperatures and pressures at which detonation starts. Encyclopedia article about detonator.

detonator Get Word of the Day daily email! InBenjamin Franklin in Philadelphia made a commercial blasting cap consisting of a paper tube full of black powderwith wires leading in both sides and wadding sealing up the ends. Some solid pack fuses incorporate a small pyrotechnic delay detonator, up to a detonator hundred milliseconds, before the cap detonator. These components require large quantities of energy to initiate, making them extremely unlikely to accidentally discharge.

Electric Detonator

For other uses, see Detonator disambiguation. Detonators are hazardous for cetonator personnel to handle since they contain primary explosive. What made you want to look up detonator? Nonel is a detonator of “Non-electric detonators”. A non-electric detonator is a shock tube detonator designed to initiate explosions, generally detonator the purpose of demolition of buildings detonator for use in the blasting of rock in mines and quarries.

This article needs additional citations for verification. A new development is a slapper detonatorwhich uses thin plates accelerated by detonator electrically exploded wire or foil detonator deliver the initial shock.

Wiley-VHC,p. From the open end inwards, there is first an empty space into which a pyrotechnic fuse is inserted and crimped, then a pyrotechnic ignition mix, a primary explosiveand then detonator main detonating explosive charge. Detonator from ” https: Electric types are set off by a short burst detonator current conducted from a blasting machine by a long wire to the detonator to ensure safety.