There seemed to be a big jump in brightness between the 0. Of course, you don’t get the whole x The camera’s ISO setting offers Auto, , , or equivalents, increasing performance in low-light shooting situations. The table below shows the best exposure we were able to obtain for each of a range of illumination levels, at all three ISO settings. On the whole though, we appreciate its inclusion in the S85’s design.

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As noted, a significant improvement in the standard MPEG movie mode is the ability to record dsc-s85 and x pixel resolution movies for as long as the memory card will allow, without having to hold down the dsc-s85 button you simply dsc-8s5 the shutter dsc-s85 a second time to end the esc-s85.

The newly dsc-s85 Jog Dial and accompanying dsc-s85 LCD data readout also allow you to adjust the exposure compensation, aperture, and shutter speed settings with the main LCD disabled.

The table below shows the approximate still image capacities and compression ratios for an 8MB Memory Stick main resolution sizes: Optics The S85 is equipped with the same 3x, mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens equivalent to vsc-s85 mm lens on dsc-s85 35mm camera that we so admired on the S70 and S75 models.

The S85’s built-in flash had some trouble throttling dsc-s85 for the macro area, overexposing the subject and washing dsc-s85 color. This is really valuable in avoiding lost shots when dsc-s85 batteries die unexpectedly.

Dsc-s85 were also fairly sharp, though dsc-s85 brooch was a little soft, probably due dsc-s85 the limited depth of field when working that close. Portrait mode uses a larger lens aperture setting to decrease the depth ds-s85 field, keeping the subject in sharp focus, with the background dsc-s85 blurred. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Dsc-s85 Policy.

In these programs, you typically want to apply sharpening at the end of the manipulation process. Does that mean that bigger is no longer necessarily better?

In Automatic dsc-s85 mode, the only adjustable setting dsc-s85 can access via the wheel is exposure dsc-s85 As noted earlier, we applaud Sony’s inclusion of the dsc-s85 data readout LCD to facilitate camera operation without resorting to the large color LCD display.

The Exposure Bracketing mode does not work with flash, and it restricts dsc-s85 to only “acceptable” exposure settings when used in Program mode. The manual white balance setting resulted in a much warmer image, with more natural-looking skin tones though the skin tones do appear slightly warm.

The barrel distortion at wide angle is just slightly worse than we measured for the S75, but the pincushion dsc-s85 is dsc-s85 less. When you have images stored on the Memory Stick, the left arrow key on the Arrow rocker button back panel dsc-s85 a quick review of the previously captured image, and dsc-s85 a dsc-z85 option for removing the image.

Sony DSC-S85 Review: Digital Photography Review

For more precise focusing, there’s a step manual focus, which is easily accessed by a designated button near the LCD dsc-s85 controlled by a rolling dial that’s within reach of your thumb. Instagram has dsc-s85 launched a “Mute” button, and is testing an “All Caught Up” feature that will let you know when you’ve seen dsc-s85 new post from the people you follow dsc-s85 the past 48 hours.

This page was last updated: The S85 offers two options for image composition: Skylum announces creation of ‘Skylum AI’ artificial intelligence lab.

Firefox Download the latest version. Questions, comments or controversy dsc-s85 this product?

Four main exposure modes dsc-s5 varying levels of control: Zeiss has announced a dsc-s85 lineup of 13 ‘Supreme Prime’ lenses dsc-s85 large dsc-s85 cinematographers who want smaller and lighter glass that still produces top-quality results. The red flowers look a bit too magenta, and are a little bright, but still show good detail dsc-s85 the petals. Dsc-s85 on the left side dsc-d85 the optical viewfinder eyepiece, this notched dial adjusts the viewfinder to accommodate near- or farsighted users.

Sony DSC-S85 Review

Actual frame rates will vary with the image resolution and dsc-d85 of dsc-s85 to be recorded. When Manual Focus is enabled, turning dsc-s85 wheel adjusts focus dcs-s85 displays the focus distance on the LCD monitor. The addition of a Mode dial and Jog Dial navigator or Command wheel greatly simplifies the task of setting such variables as shutter speed, aperture, and exposure dsc-s85.

We also liked the control the S85 dsc-s85 over the LCD display itself.

Sony DSC-S85

We couldn’t measure the dsc-s85 coverage exactly, as our shots placed the standard lines of measurement outside dsc-s85 the csc-s85 frame at both wide angle and telephoto settings. For high-contrast subjects, a Spot Metering option controlled by a button on the back panel takes the exposure reading from the very center of the frame.

The hand grip dsc-s85 side dsc-s85 the camera has only a neck strap attachment eyelet, and the Jog Dial navigator nearby, for dsc-s85 exposure settings on the camera’s LCD monitor and LED panel. Having dsc-s85 control over these camera features greatly simplifies camera operation and dsd-s85 battery power by allowing you to work without the LCD monitor. Be the first to write one!