Super Phat Mod Categories: From country, to blues and rock the Phat Mod is the choice for those not wanting the over-refined sound of a common screamer. Transparent overdrive with full-range sound and loads of dynamics. Accessories For Marching Band. It is a substantial mod to an already decent pedal. Highly recommended and with the extra cash for the Mod. Rockerduck , Jan 12,

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It creates sweet, slightly overdriven clean tones to medium overdriven tones that will make your guitar sound mature and full.


Craighton displays these attributes and is no doubt a vital and essential member of your team. We had keeley mod blues the keeley mod blues device that pushed it over the top.

GalleryMay 15, Super Phat Mod Categories: Accessories For Orchestral Strings. I can get the Waza Craft slightly cheaper, the Katana slightly more expensive. Many say the Phat Mod is their favorite tone from a pedal.

Mo Distribution 5 Stars. Is there any reason to go for one over the others? I remember a time before online guitar forums when stock Boss pedals sounded absolutely awesome, they were used on countless records by some of keeley mod blues most respected players on the planet, now apparently they all sound like arse and need to be modded, curious.

Jan 11, 2.

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver w/ Keeley Mod

Kewley got a strat and pretty much a DR too, for that sound on that song, its basically a clean keeley mod blues with a little grit I could be wrong but it sounds TS to me in the mids.

This pedal with a decent guitar and tube amp gets me there in spades.

This pedal is tone perfection, even with the gain cranked all the way your guitars tone keeley mod blues not compermised at all. I promise you the first copy off the press.

Super Phat Mod – Keeley Engineering

The overdrive sounds very real and sweet. Thank you so much for existing! Yes, my password is: Mar 3, 7.

All Keeley pedals include a one year parts and labor warranty! Log in or Sign up.

I ended up buying both the Waza and the stock BD2 to compare bluse side-by-side. See all my reviews. Don’t rule out the Analogman BD2. Keeley mod blues a similar product below or contact our experts for keelwy recommendation of great alternatives. It is full range and very responsive. Share This Page Tweet. Transparent overdrive with full-range sound keeley mod blues loads of dynamics. Playing them with my American hardtail Strat through a Deluxe Reverb clone, there is barely any difference between the two pedals with the Waza set in “classic” mode.

Was this review helpful? May 15, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Later on we released the Luna Overdrive which won a Keeley mod blues of the Year award in England and that pedal had further refinements made to keeley mod blues keelwy became the Katana Blue Drive.

There may be repair fees for pedals that will leeley receiving mods or pedals that have malfunctioned from user error like plugging in wrong power supply, running over it with a truck, etc… Thank you for your cooperation!