It is recommended to reverse this Copper Mod before sending your Notebook back to Dell. One thing to mention is that we kept the 9-cell extended life battery attached to the M during these benchmarks. How about the Thermal Cooling Assembly variations? Dell’s technician suspects heat from the wireless card breaking up the circuit and suggests replacing the motherboard for correcting the problem. PoNeH May 23, Monitor Fan Status and Speed. Between the age of the system and nVidia’s faulty engineering of this line of chips, it’s a dead end.

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Now why do customer service not tell you this information when you call them, eh?

The design of the XPS M really sets it apart. However, it is recommended to place the Copper Sheet without the Thermal Compound to check the fit.

Dell XPS M – nVidia GeForce M GS – Copper Mod | NotebookReview

dell xps m1330 nvidia The motherboard was replaced by Dell’s technician today and I have redone the Copper Mod. Any Thermal Compound better than Arctic Silver 5 may be used. This copper Mod can be reversed completely. Dell will just have to keep changing my motherboard at their expense until they decide to do something proper about it.

It is recommended that you backup your current system configuration. Go by a Mac Book – I have had one fro 2. The top of the M left with a sexy red paintjob trimmed in aluminum.

It involves using thermal grease and a copper n1330 to more rapidly dissipate heat to the cooling system. Similar Threads – Dell M nVidia.

Dell XPS M1330 – nVidia GeForce 8400M GS – Copper Mod

In my case, and I’m sure a ton of dell xps m1330 nvidia people have this same issue, I cannot obtain the previous owner’s information. Hello, There are no policies in place to swap the gpu out from that model to any other gpu types, for that system. The extended life battery lifts the system off the desk and allows air to move under the notebook case … helping to cool the system.

If you are particularly sensitive to temperatures you might find the warmth uncomfortable, but most users will be unlikely to complain about this. In my dell xps m1330 nvidia nvvidia the 8XXXm range of GPU the m is the poorly designed model with heat dissipation issues and the m seems to have less overheating issues though is by no means perfect, just fails less often.

Dell XPS M1330 Review

The combination of limited thermal management and frequent power cycling is particularly challenging for the GPU. If you have a reference number vnidia will help me greatly.

This leads to overheating the GPU and damaging it along with other components. The faulty engineering was not Dell’s — it was nVidia’s.

Dell xps m Heatsink Issues; Nvidia GPU problems – Dell Community

I personally don’t buy such an expensive and delicate thing as a notebook especially if for work through eBay. It offers dell xps m1330 nvidia of brightness and is simply gorgeous to look at. Not a good idea for a higher performance chip. That said, we experienced some problems getting 3DMark05 and 3DMark06 to run smoothly on the pre-production M straight out of the box thanks to some Vista driver issues.

However, they may not be easily available and reasonably priced as Arctic Silver 5. I got my replacement motherboard sometime around August In that de,l there must be some way that Dell is helping users of their machines.

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Now fell nVidia has settled, it’s dell xps m1330 nvidia your only recourse is: Refer to the List of Thermal Conductivities dell xps m1330 nvidia more information. Of course, Microsoft Vista is a bit of a mixed bag for users as of this writing. Share This Page Tweet. Battery for XPS I remember reading a review of a whole slew of thermal compounds and ceramique came out number 2, next to some hard to find expensive stuff. If it makes you feel any better Dell replaces the faulty parts with more faulty parts with the same dell design flaw so even those of us with warranty coverage only get a good few months out of it before it happens again.