Generate tables, graphs and maps with ease. Future goals DevInfo will contribute to setting universal standards for data storage, access and dissemination on human development indicators, specifically the MDGs. The course also covers additional powerful database management functions and features, including customizing the look and feel of your adaptation, adding local language support and generating useful database reports. How do people learn to use DevInfo? DevInfo has simple and user-friendly features that can be used to query the database and generate tables, graphs, and maps.

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Achieving MDGs devinfo Equity: By devinfo this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Why are the international standards important for data quality? The DevInfo Initiative supports a vision of a day when national and local governments use internationally accepted common database standards for devinfo human development indicators, containing high-quality data with adequate coverage and depth to sustain good governance around the agenda of devinfo development goals.

In addition to the devinfo made using the DevInfo [9] platform are some customized data visualization applications developed by the DevInfo initiative such as:. Use the new DevInfo quick data search feature to find devinfo you are looking for devinfo instantly.

Compliant with emerging international standards for metadata SDMXthe system contains a powerful data devinfo module enabling users devinfo easily share data across a variety of formats.

Statistics and Monitoring

To subscribe, please enter devinfo email ID here:. Devinfo DevInfo software is free software that can be downloaded from the DevInfo website. Devinfo now have the option deevinfo running DevInfo 6. Take a test to become a certified DevInfo User. What are the basic steps to devinfo establish DevInfo in a country? Distribution DevInfo devinfo distributed royalty-free to all Member States and UN agencies for deployment on both desktops and the web.

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DevInfo Training

Getting started and using the Data Wizard. DevInfo 7 introduces the catalog, devinfo makes available a large amount devinfo online national and subnational data from countries around the world.

At its core, DevInfo programming is based around a database system that provides a method devinco organize, store and display data in a uniform format devinfo facilitate data access at the country level devinfo government institutions, their development partners and the general public. The software supports an unlimited number of levels of devinfo coverage: Using the Standards module.

This eevinfo achieved by integrating management information systemsdevinfo information systemssoftware training, technical support services, data dissemination solutions and devinfo publications.

In the context of the UN inter-agency Devinfo working group, a small sub-group had been looking into the issue of a standard software package for monitoring the MDGs. By the end of Octoberover trainings had devinfo conducted in devinfo use of DevInfo. All new, lightning-fast visualization tools make it easier devinfo devingo explore the data.

Users can create their own report layouts, devinfo can then be used to generate devinfo and consistent reports for different areas or time periods. New book and video presentation tools: In addition to this, the new Quick Data Search feature allows devinfo to find their data instantly.

DevInfo – Wikipedia

By the end of Octoberover countries had developed national statistical data systems based on DevInfo. More than a pretty picture: DevInfo does not attempt to supplant or replace existing efforts, such as well-established initiatives at the global, devinfo and country level, including thematic sectoral initiatives for devinfo individual goals or topics.

Key features of DevInfo 6. A database template contains all devinfo the following devinco What is contained in the DevInfo databases? What devinfo the new devinfo of DevInfo 6. Using the Reports module — generating database reports. It is distributed royalty-free to all Devinfk member states.

Using the Gallery module devinfo creating online galleries.

The system devinfo also handle multiple languages for Unicode-compliant fonts.