Though the Z33 is lighter, the Pentax W60 feels lighter over its larger body size. If you approach it at a hard right angle, however, you can get it to activate more often. As with the W30, the Pentax Optio W60 forgoes any form of optical viewfinder in favor of solely a 2. Going from ISO to 1,, detail begins to fall apart with stronger blurring. The camera has both built-in and expandable memory using Secure Digital Cards, and the included rechargeable battery allows users to shoot over shots on a charge, or view images in the display for over 3 hours on a full charge. Auto white balance was very warm in our tungsten lighting test, and the Incandescent WB setting resulted in a magenta cast. We can only assume that water doesn’t agree with the camera’s microphone.

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ISO shots were good at at 5×7, albeit still with some noise in the shadows.

You get a 5x ww60 range, and pictures are crisp, though it does tend to underexpose. Buttons are sloppy and tightly packed, so the only way to press them reliably pentax optio w60 with your thumbnail — not ideal with gloves pentax optio w60.

The Pentax W60 was by no means the worst performer, but it was bad enough that it sticks out in my memory as a significant strike.

As I say, the Pentax W60 is light, coming in at 5 ounces g pentax optio w60 a battery and SD card, making it one of the lighter models in the roundup.

ISO 3, shots were rather soft, marginal at 4×6 inches, but surprisingly clean. Detail is good at ISO andthough with some slight softening. Telephoto, however, shows practically none.

Pentax Optio W60 Specs – CNET

Exposure with the optik enabled was surprisingly even, though a bit overexposed. The camera body also incorporates auto locking pentax optio w60 mechanisms for additional protection of sensitive internal electronics.

Having said that, the W60 is good for the money.

That still results in some image noise, but it’s within what we’d consider to be a tolerable range for snapshots. The shutter button pentax optio w60 mushy at best, and after some use and testing in the labthe button was harder and harder to activate. Plenty of detail, 13×19 inch prints at low ISO were very sharp, The Pentax W60’s pentax optio w60 pfntax perhaps usable to 16×20 for wall display. Going from ISO to 1, detail begins to fall apart with stronger blurring.

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Series-control auto flash Auto, flash on, flash off, redeye, soft. However, a High Speed Continuous option is much faster, capturing a 5-megapixel frame every 0.

The results weren’t bad, though, in terms of exposure level; the main issue is that the camera boosts ISO greatly, to get acceptable flash range in dim lighting. Chromatic aberration is low, only mentionable at wide angle, and corner sharpness pentax optio w60 quite good. Lining it up against other waterproof cameras confirms both sentiments.

Pentax W60 Review

Movie mode was also mixed, producing hazy images. We can only assume that water doesn’t agree with the camera’s microphone. Combined with the light weight, these pentax optio w60 grip surfaces make the Pentax W60 easy to hold in most wet conditions, including ocean waves and pools.

ISO shots looked pentax optio w60 good at 8×10, but there was too much noise in the shadows for pentax optio w60 to give them an official “usable” pentax optio w60. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Despite it’s mild-mannered looks, Pentax’s W60 can shoot at 4m underwater. Higher than average pincushion distortion, also quite noticeable. The Green mode resets the shooting menu, setup menu, and other settings to their defaults and locks the menu and mode buttons and other controls so you don’t have to worry about unintentionally changing the settings.

Digital Filters for Greater Creativity A number of creative digital filter functions are built into the camera that you can use to customize your photos.

Good, bright color, without being too saturated. Additionally, waterproof performance of this kind means pentax optio w60 can simply rinse the camera off any time it becomes dirty. Coming in blue and silver, the front plate has an attractive brushed penttax finish, but most of the body appears to be plastic. Minimum coverage area is 1. A rough black bezel surrounds the lens, and serves as a good tactile reminder that the lens is nearby, lentax pentax optio w60 fingers away from the lens.

Pentax zoom lens 11 elements in 9 groups with 5 aspherical elements. Very good optical quality 28mm-equivalent wide-angle lens 5x zoom Sharp corners Low chromatic aberration Good control over noise suppression D60 white balance indoors Waterproof Freezeproof 13xinch pentax optio w60 Special high-speed mode of 5 fps at 5 megapixels Responsive shutter Port door closes and seals well; pentax optio w60 ports under the one door Light and flat build Good grips.

There’s also more built-in memory