There is none of the keyboard flex that affects so many notebook keyboards, and no matter how hard you type, the whole keyboard feels completely solid whitout the merest hint of a rattle. If IBM would ship a bigger battery or otherwise improve power management, this would be the ideal computer for many users. It is USB powered so thankfully I do not have to carry an adapter. The IBM keyboard is easily the best I ve ever used. The full-size keys and intelligent layout make it a joy to use, and we like the silent mouse clicks and positive feel of the Trackpoint pointing stick. Review The IBM ThinkPad family has always been highly regarded for its reliability and dependability, and their keyboard feel is unmatched among its peers.

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I was also concerned the Fujitsu would be too small.

Get Our Best Stories! Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. You can use it to recover your ThinkPad in case it ever gets corrupted. The IBM keyboard is easily the best I ve ever used. It boots in about second from when I push the lnovo button to the log on screen. I personally wipe out and do a ibm lenovo thinkpad t42 install of every computer I have owned.

Perhaps the majority of buyers spoke, and what they said is that they don’t care about LCD quality. After burning off the recovery ibm lenovo thinkpad t42 and the drivers folder, I proceeded to wipe out the hard drive and do a fresh install.

I have only had to use support a few times since owning my ThinkPads. Of course, this was no entry-level laptop back when it was purchased.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Review | Trusted Reviews

Going fullscreen on SD YouTube and other Flash videos definitely struggles, but not to the point where Thimkpad say it’s unwatchable—but again, forget about the HD videos. ThinkPads do not have thinkpwd Windows key.

Ibm lenovo thinkpad t42 deciding to go with the T42, I set about to find the best price. If I ever have an issue, Ibm lenovo thinkpad t42 want it resolved quickly.

Ultimately, what I’m most interested imb showing is how viewing angles really do matter on laptops and the difference an IPS panel can make. The Asus case was plastic which I did not like and it was a bit of an unknown to me. This T42 isn t the best performing laptop you ll find, but should be more than adequate for most users.

Another standout feature, as always, is the IBM keyboard.

IBM ThinkPad T42

Plus I figured a laptop with good build quality would retain value better in case I wanted to sell it. Like IBM s other T40 series models, this laptop exudes physical quality from the first time you touch it. There are ibm lenovo thinkpad t42 a few drives that will fit in there. I had heard about fan noise issues with the T43s.

Beyond that, the feature set of the configuration we tested is dare we say merely average. As a vocal proponent of improving laptop LCD quality—and LCD quality for desktops as well—the past few years have been painful.

It also has numerous utilities installed like battery MaxiMiser, hard drive protection software, and the Ibm lenovo thinkpad t42. Visit our network of sites: After looking at many models and prices, I decided that ebay was the best place to buy. The keyboard feels like an integral part of the machine, not a string of keys slapped in as an afterthought.

ThinkPads have also had the rap of being pricey, so we were surprised to see that Scrolling through documents looking for keywords can ibm lenovo thinkpad t42 a chore because the text becomes a blur once set in motion.

This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. The screen cover is constructed of magnesium and ibm lenovo thinkpad t42 any screen flex. I use the ones that came with my Creative Labs Muvo2. As a point of reference for just how easy it is to tell the difference, look at the shots below showing the T42 with ibm lenovo thinkpad t42 Dell E I purchased a Bluetooth enabled Kensington Pilot Mouse to use with it.

Screen — It had to be a high resolution screen.